Icon Shears

Seguin Beauty School students enjoyed a class presented by Icon Shears.  The guest artist gave a full overview of the companies product line including the various types of shears in chrome, gold and a rainbow titanium colors.   The line has a variety of shears for both left and right handers as well as accessories and shear kits.  The SBS students learned the various shears to use for precision cutting, thinning, texturing, chunking and blending.  Another fun day in the world of the cosmetology school student!

Icon Shears: How High-Quality Shears Can Benefit You

Just as a carpenter will invest in high-quality chisels, saws and drills, Cosmetologists should be investing in quality tools for their business. High-quality shears in either left-handed or right-handed versions to fit personal preference will drastically improve haircuts, and clients will definitely notice a difference.

As a Cosmetologist begins to perfect the craft and give clients next-level haircuts, they will come back time after time and will recommend  services to their friends and families.  Why not invest in something that really matters and what will boost your career? Good-quality shears will last for years and you’ll end up saving money by purchasing premium shears one time instead of buying poor-quality shears over and over.




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