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Concerned about paying for your training?

SEGUIN BEAUTY SCHOOL allows interest free monthly payments with no financing fees. We will help you find out what financial programs are available to you!

The Department of Education administers several major student aid programs, including Pell Grants and Direct Loans, which provide over $120 billion a year to help millions of  students pay for the costs of college.

How do you get a federal grant?

Almost all of our grants (listed above) are awarded to students with financial need.  If you are interested in our grants, or in any federal student aid, you have to start by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.  Enter Seguin Beauty School’s  code 016910 and we will be able to let you know how much you qualify for.   Maximum eligibility for a 2022/2023 Pell Grant ward is $6985.

How do you get a student loan?

To apply for a federal student loan, you must first complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid  mentioned above. Based on the results of your FAFSA, your financial aid offer may include federal student loans. Your school will tell you how to accept all or a part of the loan.

Before you receive your loan funds, you will be required to complete entrance counseling, a tool to ensure you understand your obligation to repay the loan; and sign a Master Promissory Note, agreeing to the terms of the loan.

The Veterans Administration offers assistance to students that are veterans or dependents of a veterans that are eligible.

The Texas Department of Assistance and Rehabilitative Services offers educational assistance to those that qualify for their program.

You could be one of those students they assist!

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