Seguin Beauty School


The mission of the Cosmetology program at Seguin Beauty School is to provide an educational program to instruct to such a competency level that will prepare its graduates for employment and or advancement in an existing or potential Cosmetology field.


• To provide an educational Cosmetology program to fulfill personal ambitions and abilities of those seeking goals in the Cosmetology profession.

• To teach its students to qualify them with competency levels qualifying them for employment in the occupational field of Cosmetology.

• To teach the competency levels of the following Cosmetology related subjects: Orientation, Shampoos, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Cold Waving, Chemical Relaxing, Coloring, Manicuring, Facials, Styling and all related theories.

• To prepare individuals to become successful members of the Cosmetology industry by providing them with the necessary information and education to pass the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation state examination for Cosmetology licensing.

• To stress the importance of human relationships with the ideas and attitudes of trustworthiness and of willingness to cooperate with employers and fellow employees.

• To contribute to the development of responsibility by self-reliance, self-control and self-discipline.

• To foster by example, an appreciation of professionalism in business practices.


This school has as its principle objective the training of qualified Cosmetologists and render the best possible service to its clients.

This school strives continuously to improve its operation to keep abreast with the ever-changing developments and new techniques in Cosmetology and Department of Health and Education.

This school observes all rules and regulations issued by the Texas Department of Licensing &Regulation and the Department of Health and Education.

This school encourages its educational staff to keep in touch with the latest teaching methods in Cosmetology by way of reading educational books and attending advanced courses, workshops and seminars.

This school makes use of acceptable teaching techniques and training aids such a textbooks, power point programs, audio-visual aids, video tapes and DVD’s to advance our goals. The institutional facilities are readily available for its student’s educational purpose.

This school purchases only high-grade standard equipment, cosmetics and supplies to be used for the instruction of its students.

This school maintains honest and fair relations with its staff, students, clients, state board members and other schools.

This school advertises truthfully and makes honest representations of its students.


Must have a High School Diploma or G. E. D.

Must be 17 years of age at completion of course

Must present 4 self-photos (1 ½ by 1 ½ in size)

Must submit $25.00 for state registration


Must submit the required fee for the state written examination

Must submit the required fee for the state practical examination

Must submit license fee upon passing the written and practical exams


Students provide their own uniform according to school code:

2 uniform smocks (purchased only through school)

All black full length dress slacks

All black closed foot, low heeled, rubber sole leather shoes

Note: Students must be in uniform at all times. Uniforms must be completely snapped Shoes and uniform must be clean, in good condition, stainless and wrinkle free. Shoes must be all black leather or vinyl tennis shoes. A complete dress code is provided to all students.


No person shall, on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, or color be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subject to discrimination by this institution.

ACCESSIBILITY FOR HANDICAPPED STUDENTS Handicapped students are encouraged to visit our school in order to determine if the facilities are adequate and/or if this type of training would be beneficial for them. SCHOOL CALENDAR

The following holidays are observed

New Years Day

July 4th

Summer Vacation

Thanksgiving (2 days)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Due to legislation passed b Congress, educational institutions receiving federal funding are required to hold an educational program pertaining to the United States Constitution on or about September 17 of each year to commemorate the signing of the constitution on September 17, 1787. SBS abides by this legislation. Classes are provided on that day.


• Show good moral and ethical conduct, in a professional manner toward school personnel, fellow students and clients.

• Report to class on time, in uniform, professionally appeared with books and equipment. Students must comply with the school dress code. Female students must wear makeup daily and all students must have an appropriate hairstyle.

• Absences require reasonable excuses, determined by school chief administrator. Absences may result in student suspensions or expulsion according to the school’s attendance policy.

• Maintain sanitary and orderly work areas and supplies at all times.

• Refrain from visitors, phone conversations and personal ventures during school hours. Students leaving the building must clock out.

• Perform all assignments and services with a degree of perfection.

• Permission for breaks and lunches are given by educators or school personnel and should be taken in designated areas only.

• Maintain a 76% average and complete all work and worksheet assignments.

• Students are required to furnish paper items for theory class and must replace used or lost supplies of student kits.

• Students leaving the building must notify the main office, sign out and clock out.


Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

Escape routes are posted throughout the facility and available upon request. A layout of the facility clearly marks escape routes. In addition to the escape routes, fire extinguishers in the building are clearly visible. If an alarm sounds, or if a supervisor orders the evacuation of the building, remain calm, walk to the nearest exit and leave the building immediately. After leaving the building, proceed to the nearest corner of the block. Stay well away from the building to allow emergency workers room to operate. Do not leave the area. Remain with your group. Do not return into the building until instructed to do so by your supervisors. Emergency personnel will communicate when it is safe to return.


Seguin Beauty School considers the following a FIRE DANGER:

actual fire flames or smoke,)

In the case of FIRE DANGER the staff member should:

remain calm and instruct all others to:

• to remain calm

• leave the building quietly and quickly by the nearest exit

• use the fire extinguisher when appropriate

• using the speaker system, announce:

Attention: Please leave the building quietly and immediately

• quickly tour the building and make sure everyone exits

• leave the building and at the nearest location call 911 and report the fire

Exit signs are posted and must be reviewed by all person at least annually

Missing Person Notification

Upon receiving notification of a missing person, the Director will initiate an investigation and/or contact and help coordinate the investigation with the local Police Department no later than 24 hours after the student is determined missing.